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          Weldon Children’s Services

Phone: 02 9747 45 77

Fax: 02 9747 42 28




   Vacation Care


    4th - 18th July 2011



Location:           Russell Lea Infants School

Opening time:   7.00 am

Closing time:     6.00 pm


For information and bookings contact

  Vicky          Phone  9713 7351 or 0418 182 230

                               Fax  9747 4228



Permanent bookings close 24th June 2011

Casual rates apply after the above date


A 50% full fees deposit is required to secure your placement.

Any outstanding balances are payable before your last day of care.


First time enrolments to Weldon services must complete an Enrolment Form and a Booking Form for each child.


Children enrolled for 2011 need only complete a Booking Form


Child Care Benefit – Fee reductions are now calculated through the electronic Child Care Management System and are received two weeks in arrears. Parents wishing to claim Child Care Benefit must ensure all details provided to services exactly match those provided to Centrelink. Where information is varied in any way the system will not recognise claimants and no CCB will be paid.


New enrolments – An annual administration charge (calendar year) of $25.00 will apply for all new enrolments.


Casual loading $3 per day will be charged for each day booked and paid for after  24th June 2011


Late Fees – will be charged per family for children still at the centre after 6.00 pm. The late fee is $25 for the first 10 minutes or part thereof and $2.50 per minute thereafter.


No Hat No Outside Play – this includes excursions, due to requirements under the Occupational Health and Safety Act 2000 all children and staff must be wearing hats while outside no matter what the weather conditions. Weldon Children’s Services supplies hats that meet the Cancer Council’s recommendations Hats with brims that cover ears and neck.


Sunscreen – is available and must be applied by parents upon arrival. Staff will supervise re application during the day. If your child has an allergy to sunscreen please supply one that is suitable.


Our centre is an allergy aware centre - please do not send any nut products with your children. Children will also not be able to share food. All food provided by Weldon will meet individual children’s dietary requirements


All booked sessions must be paid for – Days cannot be swapped. All absences must be paid. Where children are absent for more than 5 consecutive days due to illness and a doctors certificate is supplied fees will not be charged.


Cancellation of an activity when inclement conditions prevail, an indoor activity will be sourced to replace the outdoor activity. Any changes will be written on the notice board. Where required booking charges will be adjusted.


Signing in and out – any child not signed in will not be able to leave the premises to attend excursions, Care must be signed over to the service on a daily basis. All persons authorised to collect children must be over the age of 18 years.




Sep/Oct 2011 Program.