Enrolling has Never Been so Easy – Enrol today to Secure Your Child’s Place at Kids@Weldon

Welcome to Kids @ Weldon, we have just launched a new online enrolment portal for our Early Childhood Learning Programs and Before and After School Care (OOSH). Our enrolment portal will allow you to enter your child’s details securely and safely so that our staff have access to all the information they need to assess your application.At the bottom of this page there is a link to our New Enrolment Portal or you can just type www.enrolment-weldon.com.au into your browser and follow the instructions to create an account.

The Process is in 3 Steps once you have created an account.
Step 1 – Registering your child/children
Step 2 – Enrolling or Re-enrolling your registered child/children into one of our programs
Step 3 – Finalising your application via HubWorks can be accessed from the portal at the end of Step 2 or directly from a link at the bottom of this page.

Please note that all 3 of the above steps must be completed for each child for the application to be complete. Some information requested in HubWorks may have been covered in our portal, but this is a different platform and all information is required so we apologize for any duplication of information.

Before you start your application/s we suggest you gather the required documentation you will need to make the process simpler, however you can always come back to your account and pick up where you left off at any time.

If you just have a few questions and are not ready to complete the enrolment process at this time please click here to go to a short online enquiry form and one of our qualified staff will come back to you shortly.

Required Documentation:

  • A close-up full body photo of your child.
  • Immunisation records from your child’s health record.
  • Immunisation record print out from the local government.
  • Birth Certificate

The below if applicable:

  • Any court orders/parenting plans relating to your child
  • A copy of any relevant action plans / medical management plans (Required for asthma & Anaphylaxis)
  • A copy of any relevant Family Support Guidance Plans or Behaviour Management Plans
  • Medication Record – If your child requires medication to be administered please click here to download the required form. Please fill out completely and bring with you when you meet with the educator during your orientation after your child’s enrolment has been finalised.
Step 1 & 2 Weldon Online Enrolment – Click Here
Step 3 HubWorks Application – Click Here

Please note: All information requested needs to be completed 100% as it is a legal requirement. ANY
section that is incomplete may result in delaying your child’s attendance at one of our programs.

Please note: That completion of this process is not confirmation of your enrolment. Many of our programs have a “wait-list” and it may be necessary to place your child/children on this. You will be notified of confirmation of enrolment or a place on the waitlist once all the required information has been received. Kids@Weldon enrolments follow the Australian Government Priority of Access Guidelines. Our enrolment & orientation policy is available on our website.